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Jane Austen Mirror!

Which Beauty are you?

Jane Austen Mirror
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Hi, Welcome to Austen_Mirror. The community where you can find out which of Jane Austen's Movies you look like.

These movies include (Sadly I cannot include all film adaptations of her works)

♥Pride and Prejudice (2005 version)
♥Sense and Sensibility

No Drama, Flaming or any form of being mean, you will be banned
Have Fun!
Put "Which Austen Beauty does my Mirror Reflect?" in the subject and/or lj-cut line
All Applications must be behind a Lj-cut
Please include Pictures NO nudity, or otherwise revealing pictures (They can be in Austen Period Costume if you wish
Please Vote! You don't have to be a member to vote
You do have to join to post
Stay Active!
Please Promote this Community, you may promote other Stamping Communities if you wish behind a lj-cut

Possible Stamps:

Pride and Prejudice:
Elizabeth Bennet
Kitty Bennet
Lydia Bennet
Mary Bennet
Jane Bennet
Georgiana Darcy
Charlotte Lucas
Caroline Bingley
Mrs. Bennet
Lady Catherine de Bourg</i>

Sense and Sensibility:
Fanny Dashwood
Mrs. Dashwood
Elinor Dashwood
Margaret Dashwood
Marianne Dashwood
Mrs. Jennings

Jane Fairfax
Harriet Smith
Emma Woodhouse
Mrs. Weston
Miss Martin
Miss Bates
Mrs. Bates
Mrs. Goddard

Stamps to come soon!!!